Web Designer

Chalandri, Attica, Greece


At ContactPigeon we hire people and not skills. We think it’s better to have a hole in our team than an a**hole. Just two (of many) reasons for which you’ll fall in love with us!

We are looking for a full-time passionate junior or mid-level Web Designer with basic (the more the better) HTML/CSS knowledge.

The ideal candidate is a curious brain that is truly aware of global digital design trends and is willing to learn from the given feedback on mockups and corrections concerning HTML/CSS without feeling depressed. After all this is a team effort, we like to break things together!

Daily duties will pertain the creation of hero images/illustrations for blog posts, landing page mockups, new email designs (from idea to final HTML) and assistance with the design of the actual product.

Check out our website > www.contactpigeon.com and see if you like what we do.

Please send us your cover letter telling us a bit about your previous employment experiences and why you think we should hire you.

If you’re not in the mood of writing, send us a video either animated or with you talking (actually that would be a big bonus). Or both!



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