About ContactPigeon

ContactPigeon is all about the true value of analytics and how we can use them to add value to everyday marketing campaigns. That’s how we empower eCommerce marketers to automate and personalize customer experiences at massive scale.

If you are in retail and not working for Amazon then you are probably already in love with us. Why? Because we find pleasure in giving to people like you the tools of trade that Amazon has and in getting you on the fast track to become the next Amazon. Our goal is our clients to make sales and profit, not to just send messages, you are not in the tabloid business after all!

ContactPigeon automates the process of creating and distributing messages (emails and in-site content), dynamically reacting to both customer behaviors and catalog changes in seconds. All that is needed is a single piece of JavaScript, eliminating the need for IT or engineering resources. From merchandising to window shopping and cart abandonment, ContactPigeon manages the dynamic prioritization, creation and delivery of emails that are unique to each individual recipient.

We deliver millions of messages every day and we take pride into knowing that our clients rely on our analytics engine to process millions of real time events per day in order to build rich visitor profiles and scale their data-driven marketing. Send less messages and make more money, that's our promise.

We are building a team to ride with us the marketing automation wave. We are profitable and well-funded so all we ask from you is to dream big and help the team to make everyone's dreams come true.

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